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About Progress Pilates

My name is Helen Wells. 

I have always been a gym goer and dabbled in body pump, yoga and the gym. But after I had my second child none of these really made any difference to my body until I found pilates.

I have practiced pilates since 2017. After having my children my body changed and I felt weak, achy and to be honest alien. 

Pilates has changed all that. After practising it for 3 years I noticed a significant change in my body. I felt stronger, leaner, fitter, more stable, and I had more energy to complete the daily challenges of life.  I felt more connected to my body and I felt like me again! 

The pilates I teach is aimed to get you to understand the moves whilst focusing on body control, precision and placement. I believe that too fast flowing movement sometimes misses the point and if movements aren't done correctly then there is little point in doing them at all. (However, rest assured that you will be challenged in my classes).

In 2020, I knew I had to extend my understanding of pilates and embarked on my teacher training journey with HFE a recognised and well respected provider of pilates teacher training. 

I am now fully qualified to teach mat level 3 pilates and teach in and around Kingston, Chessington, Surbiton, Thames Ditton (Colets) and Epsom area 1:1s, duos and group classes. 


I undertake regular professional development courses to improve my knowledge and deepen my understanding of the pilates method. 

Some of the most recent workshops I have attended. 

Spine Anatomy and Core Basics- Karen Clippinger  

Daily Dose of Posture- Dawn Marie Ickles

Find the best in your worst- Kathy Corey

Back Care Essentials- 

Thoracic Spine Movement -Tom McCook

Weak Back Modifications- Monica Wilson

Weak Neck Modifications- Monica Wilson 

Work Smarter not Harder, Shelly Power (2022) 

Lower back pain - Alison Salmond (2022) 

The workings of the hip  - Alison Salmond (2023)

Prenatal and Postnatal pilates - Alison Salmond (2023) 

The workings of the shoulder - Alison Salmond (2023)

Reformer- Lisa Bradshaw (2023)

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